The establishment of the Ardent Center originated from the desire and needs of the city of Sombor, but also this part of the region gets a modern dental health institution with experienced and educated personnel that will be available to all users.

By appreciating that health is the most valuable thing for each of us, our mission is to be part of your more beautiful and satisfied smile.

The team of employees who represent the essence of the Ardent Center mission with their knowledge, skills, experience and constant motivation are a guarantee of your satisfaction and what makes us different in relation to the environment.


Ardent Center, with its staff, services, equipment and attitude towards its users, presents a dental office that exists for its users and their needs, ready to respond to the demanding needs of users from all over Europe.


The goals of the Ardent Center are determined by our mission to fulfill the needs of our users in the best way and to provide in one place quality dental services, minimizing the loss of time and comfort with maximum professional access to each user individually.

Ardent Centar Team

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  • Kathleen Halderman

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Thank you so much to all of you. Thank you dr Hodža for your patient and comforting care. Thank you girls for being so nice and understanding and patient with me.


    - Kathleen Halderman

  • Danijel Mirkov, Sombor

    Sincerely, thank you to dr Zetovic and dr Ardalic, also their assistants Jelena and Mira for bringing back the smile to my face. All recommendations from the ❤ for “Ardentcentar” in Sombor. Healthy smile and health have no price after all. I wish you success in your future work, to last long to the joy of your patients. 🙂

    - Danijel Mirkov, Sombor

  • Marija Menzl, Essen – Germany

    Professional, neat, competent and warm.

    - Marija Menzl, Essen – Germany

  • Gabriele Cavallo, Cuneo Italy

    Speaking of my experience in Ardent Centar in Sombor, I can say that I had a great time, followed by excellent people, both from a personal and professional point of view. I recommended it to everyone.

    - Gabriele Cavallo, Cuneo Italy

  • Tamara Eraković, Sombor

    The beautiful ambient, friendly and professional staff of the Ardent make me feel better.

    - Tamara Eraković, Sombor

  • Mirjana Muljajić, Kljajićevo

    Beautiful people and top experts … Thanks for being there!

    - Mirjana Muljajić, Kljajićevo