• Fissures sealants
  • Teeth fluoridation
  • Exercising milk teeth

Fissures sealants

Fissures are channels on the upper, i.e. the biting surface of the milk and permanent molars and permanent pre-colonies. The intervention is completely painless and we use it to protect the bite of the teeth, but also as an introduction to more complicated interventions.

To access the watering of the fissures, it is necessary that the tooth is healthy and that it has a pronounced fissure system on the occlusal surface. Prior to the watering of the fissures, the tooth is in the finger dental practice with a prophylactic paste, washed, dried and a dry work field is provided, and the surface to be heated is treated with orthophosphoric acid, washed, dried, provided a dry working field and then applied a heifer that enriched the heliolamp. Failure can be expected in cases when the saliva has reached the material or if hygiene is not maintained.

Please note that the gulf is not a cavity vaccine! The gulf contains a certain amount of fluorine that has caries protective effect, but good oral hygiene and regular dental care are necessary in order to get good results.


Teeth fluoridation

Scientifically proved and in practice, caries are a protective effect of fluorine on the teeth. In the 19th century, his positive influence on the health of his teeth was noticed. For fluoride in toothpaste, it is said that it is a “quiet revolution in dentistry”.

Several decades ago, the introduction of fluorine into the body in the form of tablets was done. Today’s modern dentistry implies the local introduction of fluoride through toothpaste in the home version and in the form of varnishes and jellies that are applied in a dental clinic. In lacquers and jelly, the concentration of fluorine is high and precautions are taken to avoid the swallowing of the product. By applying fluorine to the teeth in the form of varnish or jelly, CaF2 depot is created in the enzyme that is activated in situations when the pH in the mouth drops, or when the level of the acid is increased and the demineralization of the enema occurs.

This method is recommended for patients with an increased risk of developing caries, prior to the setting of a fixed orthodontic device, after removing a fixed orthodontic device, preventive in those who want to further improve the quality of the eye and in adult patients with dental sensitivity to the cold.

Fluorizacija i Vadjenje zuba - Ardent Centar Sombor


Exercising milk teeth

Milk teeth usually get removed when they are physiologically shifted but also due to complications of caries or because of their residual mouth in the mouth of the deputy’s teeth. Before the removal of the milk tooth, the child should be prepared, explain that this should be done and the way in which it will be done. Our recommendation is that the first visit to a dentist is a visit where “nothing is done”. This implies that the child enters the dental clinic and is familiar with the dental team. Even if the child does not want to sit in the chair for the first time to have his teeth examined, team members will be introduced to work at the outpatient clinic and explain what will be done in the next visit.

It is up to the parents to listen to the dentist’s advice and to prepare the child for intervention in an adequate way. The teeth that are heavily depressed are taken with the prior application of a local anesthetic in the form of a gel or spray. However, if the tooth is removed due to complications of caries or persistence, then it is necessary to provide local infiltrative anesthesia, syringe and needle.

It is recommended that the child is not lied to, but given comfort with a reassuring talk. When a child accepts interventions, it is a pledge for all future interventions.

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