• Intraoral radiography
  • Orthopan

Intraoral teeth shooting

Intraoral radiography represents the recording of a single tooth, where the crown, the root and the part above the root of the tooth appear on the image. It is used for diagnostic purposes when we want to determine the existence of caries on the tooth, its circumference or the existence of a pathological process above the tip of the tooth root.

Today’s appliances have a computer-specific exposure and dose of radiation. It is not recommended to shoot teeth, or exposure to x-rays of pregnant women, women planning a pregnancy and small children.

RTG recording is part of the protocol and is mandatory in case of tooth and jaw trauma and during endodontic treatment of teeth.

Snimanje zuba - Ardent Centar Sombor



A digital orthopan represents a shot of both jaws. The bone structures of the upper and lower jaw and all the teeth present are visible on it. Today’s devices have a negligible dose of radiation. Part of the protocol is before orthodontic treatment and before any prosthetic work. They represent a significant diagnostic agent.

Ortopan - panoramsko snimanje zuba

The images obtained by this route are crystal clear, and can be delivered to the patient on a CD or sent via e-mail. The recording can also be on the movie, or on the film and on the CD.

Ortopan - Ardent Centar Sombor

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