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  • Danijel Mirkov, Sombor

    Sincerely, thank you to dr Zetovic and dr Ardalic, also their assistants Jelena and Mira for bringing back the smile to my face. All recommendations from the ❤ for “Ardentcentar” in Sombor. Healthy smile and health have no price after all. I wish you success in your future work, to last long to the joy of your patients. 🙂

    - Danijel Mirkov, Sombor

  • Marija Menzl, Essen – Germany

    Professional, neat, competent and warm.

    - Marija Menzl, Essen – Germany

  • Gabriele Cavallo, Cuneo Italy

    Speaking of my experience in Ardent Centar in Sombor, I can say that I had a great time, followed by excellent people, both from a personal and professional point of view. I recommended it to everyone.

    - Gabriele Cavallo, Cuneo Italy

  • Tamara Eraković, Sombor

    The beautiful ambient, friendly and professional staff of the Ardent make me feel better.

    - Tamara Eraković, Sombor

  • Mirjana Muljajić, Kljajićevo

    Beautiful people and top experts … Thanks for being there!

    - Mirjana Muljajić, Kljajićevo

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