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Cleansing of dental calculus

Due to the inadequate technique of washing teeth, the chemical composition of drinking water and certain habits, the formation of dental calculus results. The first consequence is gum bleeding after washing. Patients do the first thing to either avoid tooth brushing or brushing only the surfaces of the teeth to bite. This enters the vicious circle which stops by coming to the dental clinic. Tartar is a foreign body for our mouth and with its presence mechanically irritates the gums, and it is also an excellent substrate for pathogenic microorganisms. All together leads to the formation of inflammation of the gums that become swollen, sensitive and easily bleeding to the touch.

In our office, the calculus is removed by an ultrasound device, the teeth are brushed with prophylactic pastes, and the pockets are washed with solutions that will calm down the inflammation and stimulate its healing.

By individual approach to each patient we come to the solution that is best for the given case. After the USG intervention, the patient receives oral and written instructions as well as what means to maintain oral hygiene and schedule control checks.

Patients can bring the means they have bought and do not know how to use, in our clinic where they will get expert help and advice.

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Ceramic facets or veneers are a trend that is becoming more and more present day by day. Veneer are a less invasive method than non-metallic ceramic crowns and more than composite facets. With a small preparation in the eye and with the dental laboratory, we get a 1mm thick ceramic flake, which is permanently cemented for the tooth. Thanks to the ceramic facets, it is possible to completely change the smile.

If you want to change the shape, color and appearance of the tooth, Ardent Centar allows you to do this with ceramic veneers. The main reason why our patients decide for ceramic facets in relation to ceramic crowns is that the teeth are less brushed and damaged, only the external surface of the teeth.

In extremely yellow teeth, tetracycline, reddish can change color successfully, it can change the position and shape of the tooth as well as closure of the diastema. In larger changes in the position and shape of the teeth, it is not possible to do this with ceramic facets. In these cases, non-metallic ceramic crowns are proposed.

It should be noted that veneers are in fact very thin ceramic flakes and should be very careful not to crack, it is not advisable to bite hard and tough things in order to avoid cracking.

Keramicke zubne fasete


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the process of removing various stains and dislocations from the surface of the teeth, and therefore the color of the tooth becomes white. Teeth whitening is a very popular procedure because you can come up with beautiful white teeth without any inconvenience and at an affordable price.

A nice smile is one of the first things that someone notices on you when getting to know each other and it will certainly have a good effect on your self-esteem. With a white and brilliant smile you feel better and leave a better impression. Lifestyle or aging can adversely affect the color of your teeth. Things like coffee, tea, coke, red wine and cigarettes can contribute to teeth whitening.

In our office we perform individual whitening of teeth or tooth whitening in the line of laughter. This procedure is not recommended for people whose teeth have more sebum on the teeth, then in cases where there has been a withdrawal of the gums or where there are non-infectious lesions on the teeth.

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