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Fillings (seals)

When there is a cavitation on the tooth, i.e. the lack of a part of the teeth due to the carious process, and the integrity of the pulp is preserved, it approaches the conservative caries solution, which involves removing the changed dentin, cavity toilet and closing the tooth with a seal.

The entire procedure can be performed with prior administration of local anesthesia in order to make the intervention as comfortable as possible for patients. The work itself is done initially by a high-purity water-spray turbine that diminishes the pain, and then carbide borers are removed by caries involving dentine to “healthy”.

Materials used are biocompatible aesthetic materials of renowned manufacturers that satisfy their mechanical and aesthetic qualities.

Zubne ispune (plombe) - Ardent Centar Sombor



Endodontic treatment on the tooth implies intervention in the root canal channel. Infection of the root system of the tooth can occur in cases:

a) unsanitary caries
b) pulmonary necrosis after conservative treatment
c) existence of periodontal pockets
d) complications after tooth injury

The infection from the root of the tooth root extends further into the surrounding structures, that is, the jawbone and the soft tissue.

Endodontic treatment involves instrumentation of the root system with endodontic instruments (needles), channel rinsing for the de-rooting of the canal root canal, filling the channels with medicinal pastes and definitely filling the root canal after treatment. Endodontic treatment is performed on multiple visits and often lasts more than a month. The aim of the treatment is to clear the root system and the surrounding structures in which the infection has spread to avoid tooth extraction.

The tooth is a part of the human body and regardless of the possibilities of modern dentistry in terms of prosthetic rehabilitation or implant installation, our goal is to keep the teeth in the jaw to prevent the resorption of the jaw bone.

There are certain conditions in which endodontic treatment is contraindicated where we will opt for the treatment of tooth extraction. It is therefore important that the patient provide accurate information about his general health that after dental intervention we have a preserved tooth and preserved general health of the patient.

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